What is a Custom Tattoo Design Stencil?

24Generally, a custom tattoo design stencil is a tool that tattooists use to create the outline of a tattoo on a client’s body. These are done in the form of line drawings and contain the basic features of the design, though not the detailed drawings.

These stencils make up the edges and basic lines of the tattoo design and can generally be seen when the design has some intricate curves, so that the client is sure that the outline is perfectly done.

If your stencil is customized or personalized for your tattoo design, you can be sure that it will contain all the intricate details that you expect to see in your tattoo. For a better tattoo experience, you should insist that your tattoo artist uses stencils before he applies the tattoo on your body part. By doing this, you achieve these benefits:

Firstly, if you have a stencil done before the design is applied, drawing the tattoo will take less time and be perfectly executed. The stenciled outline will serve as a guideline to the artist, so he need not start from scratch. Without this guide for the tattoo, inking the design will not just be difficult for the artist but also time-consuming and exhausting for both of you.

Secondly, by having a stenciled outline, you ensure that the final output is perfect. As you consider that a tattoo design is a permanent application, you will realize the need for a stenciled outline. Stenciled outlines prevent you from having substandard or less than perfect detailing in your tattoo design either because the artist’s hand slips while tattooing the design or because his hands tremble. However, with a stenciled outline, the tattoo can be applied without any glitches and delays.

Now that you know the benefits of using a stenciled outline for your design, let’s examine the types of custom tattoo design stencils. There are several kinds of stencils which depend on the materials you use and on other design specifications and modes of application. So, if you want to do an airbrush tattoo application, you can choose from two types of stencils, besides several varieties of stencil paper.

Airbrush application demands two kinds of stencils – one with adhesive and the other non-adhesive. The stencil with an adhesive is known to break easily, though much depends on the stencil quality. The brands found these days can be used about 10 times each. The non-adhesive stencils available are good for creating multi-colored tattoos.

You can also use paper stencils, which come loaded with advantages. If you have paper stencils, the advantage is that the custom tattoo design to be created on your body can be temporarily transferred onto the specific body part so that it becomes a guide for the artist to work faster and better.

In the light of the above, if you want a perfect custom tattoo design, your best bet is to insist on the use of stencils. Stencils define the tattoo perfectly.